What role does a home play in the life and legacy of a city?

The People Who Live There is a creative collaborative effort between producers, Paige & Chase Wagner of Paige Wagner Homes, and The Collection Media. The group came together when Paige dreamed up a movie concept in late 2020. She wanted to write a “love letter to Lakeland” through film. The group’s shared infatuation of the city and the stories its homes tell made a dedicated team.

With Paige’s eye for historic homes and creative vision, they began looking for the stories that needed to be told. They found an overwhelmingly consistent narrative of shared love for Lakeland from the people who live there.

The film premiered on October 1, 2021 at Lakeland’s historic Polk Theatre. A sold-out showing of 1,400 people filled the plush red seats of the Polk Theatre resulting in a second showing on November 11, 2021. Following its success in Lakeland, it has been screened at film festivals across the nation and received multiple awards. You can now stream the film on Amazon Prime Video and fall in love with Lakeland too!

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Now Available!

The People Who Live There Art Book

This hard-cover, 165-page book focuses on historic homes and the people who live there, with Lakeland history spread throughout.

A perfect feature piece for your coffee table, each page showcases decadent photos, whimsical art, and fascinating stories from our city. It serves as a time capsule for these homes, encapsulating the essence of Lakeland’s spirit in a timeless manner, much like the film from which it derives its name.